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When my children were much younger and asked what I did for a living, they were questioning how it was possible to be excited by being an Estate Agent and I told them:

Having a home is one of the most emotional assets you can have. For many people, it takes a lifetime of hard work to save money to buy and maintain a property enough to call it – home.

If you imagine that the walls of house hold many memories; the single life, the married life, bbq’s, parties, marriages, births, deaths, losses, a baby’s first steps, a child’s height chart meticulously marked off each year, winning that first job, getting the last job, seeing your child take their first driving lesson from your driveway, sharing long lunches around a table with family and friends, laughter, joy, and tears, then it truly can be someone’s most valuable and emotional asset – and if I am lucky and do my job well, I get chosen to represent that home and ensure I get the best price and offer the best service for those memories and see the next generation of that home start theirs; and that is why I get excited to be an Estate Agent.

If you are interested in buying or selling, please contact our office – we would love to hear from you.

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