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School catchments have always played an important role for many when choosing a home. And rightly so as our children do deserve the best. Areas with the best schools do command high prices and they are always snapped up quickly.

As term starts this week for many of the nearly 8.8 million school children across England and Wales are you living where you need to? When do you need to consider making a move to the right catchment area? Most people start thinking about this years before they need to make the move simply because they want to be assured of a place at the school of their choice.

Across England and Wales nearly 4.3 million homes (17%) have an OFSTED rated Outstanding school as their nearest.

With catchment areas for secondary schools generally larger, it is no surprise a higher proportion of homes, nearly 1 in 5 have an outstanding secondary as their nearest.

Property price growth in catchment areas around top schools can often exceed other areas and living close to a top school can attract a significant price premium – planning for your big family move is therefore important as early as possible.

In the South Hams region we do have some very prominent schools and much of this region does retain a healthy price just because people love the area. It is a wonderful place to raise your family, so if you are planning to move to the right catchment area, call in for a chat today.

If your family are grown and you are looking to downsize, let us help you price your property properly so that you can make your next move in life.

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