October 30, 2021

Location, location, location

School catchments have always played an important role for many when choosing a home. And rightly so as our children do deserve the best. Areas with the best schools do command high prices and they are always snapped up quickly. As term starts this week for many of the nearly 8.8 million school children across England and Wales are you living where you need to? When do you need to consider making a...

Top tips to prepare your house for a viewing

Essentially a viewing is an opportunity to present your property in its best light and as they are critical to be able to sell, here are some tips. It is worth knowing that a good agent will accompany any viewing so there is no need to be nervous about doing them yourself. Tidy up This might seem like an obvious one but it is one of the most important. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves...

Pricing to sell

Pricing could be considered the key element of selling your home so having an agent with a clear pricing strategy and good communication at all stages will be really important. The pricing strategy will be tailored individually for each property and the market conditions at the time of selling. Understanding the profile of the potential buyer of your property enables the agent to present it in such...

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