Pricing to sell

Pricing could be considered the key element of selling your home so having an agent with a clear pricing strategy and good communication at all stages will be really important.

The pricing strategy will be tailored individually for each property and the market conditions at the time of selling.

Understanding the profile of the potential buyer of your property enables the agent to present it in such a way to attract the most likely buyers in any given market.

There are many highly advertised online valuation tools on offer, but these use computer algorithms to arrive at a figure. However, what if your home has been extended, what if you have built a garage or bought more garden, what if you have carried out home improvements such as a new kitchen, bathroom or changed the layout – none of these factors are taken into consideration so it would be strongly advisable to seek a professional and current market appraisal.

Pricing is significant to the search criteria used on Rightmove and Zoopla. It is important that your property sits within the correct search banding on the property portals so as many potential purchasers as possible see that your property is available for sale.

An experienced agent with a clear marketing and pricing plan should produce more viewings and as a result you will have a competitive edge. More activity could mean you achieve a stronger selling price.

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