Top tips to prepare your house for a viewing

Essentially a viewing is an opportunity to present your property in its best light and as they are critical to be able to sell, here are some tips. It is worth knowing that a good agent will accompany any viewing so there is no need to be nervous about doing them yourself.

  1. Tidy up

This might seem like an obvious one but it is one of the most important. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your property so make it as clean and clear of clutter as possible. 

2. Lose the kids and the dog for half an hour

You might have the best-behaved family in the world but it can be disconcerting for potential buyers to have children running through the house whilst they are viewing. The same applies to pets, some buyers may not like the attention your dog wants to show them so if possible take the children/dog out and leave the viewing to your agent. 

3. A breath of fresh air

It is true to say that when entering a property it is good if it smells nice. Though we don’t mean overdoing the air freshener, think about adding fresh flowers and opening a window. Good old fashioned baked bread and coffee work wonders or perhaps light a scented candle.

  1. Pop the heating on

If your viewings are taking place during the colder months then pop the heating on for a comfortable temperature to take the edge off. Similarly, during those hot summer days (when we have them) open windows and doors to let in cool breezes.

5. Tidy the outside

Try and present the exterior of your property and its garden as clean and tidy. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living there so if you can, mow the lawn, do the weeding and put away the kid’s toys. Make sure fences are in good repair and that your shed and garage can at least be entered.

6. Accessorise

A few extra thoughtful touches can go a long way in creating the best impression; think cushions, rugs and greenery and making sure natural light flows into any room as this can be a positive feature.

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